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Natural Raw Aquamarine Roughs

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Aquamarine is a stone as the name suggests, consisting of energy and healing properties relating to the sea. Reflecting the oceans water, Aquamarine helps to discover your true self, clearing confusion, and allows you to speak openly and freely.

This stone is also useful in bringing peace, healing emotional trauma, and calming the heart. Aquamarine is also a soothing stone, which makes a perfect tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and assists with fears and phobias.

Natural Raw Aquamarine Roughs

Stone  Aquamarine
Alternative Names Blue Beryl 
Form  Raw Rough Stone 
Colour  Greenish Blue - Bright Blue 
Chakra  Throat Chakra
Zodiac  Pisces 
MOHS  7.5 - 8
Origins Brazil | Nigeria | Madagascar | Pakistan | Zambia

Small <15g

Medium 15g - 30g

Note Raw chunks are intuitively selected, price listed is for each individual piece.

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Mesmerising! It looks wet due to the iridescent quality. Love it.