Aura Clear Quartz Tumbles

Angel Aura Quartz Tumbles

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Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal altered by man, by being heated to an extremely high temperature, then vacuum coated with vaporized precious metals. The angelic rainbow sheen is achieved by the precious metals bonding to the crystals surface. 

Carrying a very loving and sweet energy, Angel Aura Quartz works to stimulate the spirit and elevate one's mood. Through the rays of its gorgeous rainbow colouring, this crystal is uplifting, and can be of assistance for those feeling emotionally unstable or distressed.

By using this crystal throughout meditation, they can offer you a sense of peace and harmony.

*Quartz, Man Altered*

Size - Assorted

*We select the best tumbles for you, price listed is for each individual piece. Please allow for slight variations in colour on products.*