Aquamarine Cubes

Aquamarine Cubes

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Aquamarine is a stone as the name suggests, consisting of energy and healing properties relating to the sea. Reflecting the oceans water, Aquamarine helps to discover your true self, clearing confusion, and allows you to speak openly and freely.

This stone is also useful in bringing peace, healing emotional trauma, and calming the heart. Aquamarine is also a soothing stone, which makes a perfect tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and assists with fears and phobias.

Size - Assorted

Cubes - Cube shapes are associated with the root chakra, they are grounding and assist in stabilizing energy. Cubes can be placed in each corner of your room to protect and ground the energy of the space.

*We personally select the best cubes for you, price listed is for each individual piece. Please allow for slight variations in colour on products.*

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