About Us

Welcome to Celestial Stones, we hope you enjoy our magical collection! Our names are Aengus and Chloe, and we are the founders of Celestial Stones. 

At Celestial Stones we pride ourselves in hand selecting, high quality crystals, for you to choose from to unleash the healing and beauty in your very hands.

We are an Australian online crystal shop located on the sweet little island of Tasmania, and we ship our crystals and more right across the globe!

Our business is big on being eco conscious, we are aiming to reduce the amount of plastic and waste being put into the environment. We are constantly striving for better ways to improve our packaging, so in the near future we can be a 100% eco friendly small business. Our packaging is mostly a combination of shredded newspaper, packing peanuts and tissue paper. Bubble wrap is rarely used, and only for extra fragile pieces.

We started this journey in 2020, and look forward to spreading our love, passion and knowledge for crystals onto you. 

Thanks for stopping by, love and light CS xx


(Couple snaps below of us and our trip to Crystal Castle mid 2021, right before the NSW Covid outbreak, we did get stuck for an extra week, but we had an amazing time, definitely one to remember!)