What's The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle Card Decks?

December 26th 2021 

Nowadays there is a broad range of both Tarot and Oracle Card Decks on the market, making it overwhelming when looking to start your spiritual journey. While both decks have differences, they also share some similarities as well. 


The one thing that both decks have in common is people use them as a tool in order to seek answers or insight into a situation.


Oracle Card Decks - What Are They?

An Oracle Deck is a set of cards, that doesn't have a specific number of cards, but typically contains 36 - 64. Every Oracle Deck is unique as it is entirely up to the creator, as there is no traditional format for this type of deck. There is no suits, and no set cards.


Oracle Cards are a useful tool for providing insight, similar to Tarot Cards in that aspect, but are far less structured to Tarot Decks. Each Oracle Card deck serves a different purpose and each deck holds different meanings. However one thing remains the same, that being they serve as a spiritual tool, to help access your inner power and strengthen your intuition.


Oracle Cards are a great starting point for beginners as there is no structure to stick to and they are simple to learn and interpret. They are also less specific and detailed, but offer broader guidance. Oracle Cards are perfect to set your self some goals or affirmations for the day.


Tarot Card Decks - What Are They?

Tarot Card Decks tend to stick to a "traditional structure" and most Tarot Decks are based on the Original Rider-Waite deck. Any Tarot Card deck you choose will have the same structure and meanings. In order for a card deck to be a Tarot Deck, it must contain 78 cards, that will be divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Cards.


The Major Arcana cards are the most impactful cards in the deck and represent the life and soul lessons one must complete, each holding specific messages of perspective and guidance in times of need.


The 56 Minor Cards are split into four suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. Minor Arcanas represent the trials and tribulations we must face, and gives us details about our daily life challenges and experiences.


A Tarot Decks purpose is not to predict the future or to tell your fortune, but to enable contact with your inner, essential self.

Overall Tarot Card decks are rich in detail, specific, but are more complex to learn fully.