Shape Is Everything: Crystal Shapes And Their Meaning Explained

March 24th 2022


Crystal Shapes Have Meanings? Yes they do!

While crystals come in many different colours of the rainbow, you would of noticed they come in many different shape formations too! Not only do crystals serve many different intended purposes, their shape also holds a valuable meaning.
Tumbled Stones, Points, Cubes, Skulls and Heart formations to name a few all play a part in the way their energy emits. And while experts say that the structure of a crystal doesn’t change the type of energy it emits, the shape DOES affect the way you receive said energy.


Knowing a crystals properties is one thing, but knowledge about its shape too can really enhance your crystal experience based on the mood you're in. 
Crystals & Their Shape matters, and here is how you can amplify their power.
Add positive energy to your space with a cluster or two!
Crystal clusters are well, a cluster of crystals in their natural form! A Cluster, as its name suggests, is a group of crystals that have formed or grown together, emerging from the one base or matrix.
Hosting numerous crystal points on one base, clusters are bustling with immense energy because of each of these points, and they work to fill the surrounding space with light and positive energy.
Clusters make great centre pieces, not just for their bedazzling looks but they create a sense of unity, ideal for the dining table, coffee table or other communal spaces throughout your home or workplace. 
Despite each cluster having unique metaphysical properties, one thing remains the same, that being they bring strong, healing Earth energy wherever they may be.
Struggling to feel grounded? Reach for cubes! Crystals in the shape of a cube are linked to the root chakra. This makes them extremely grounding and balancing, and can assist in stabilizing energy. Cubes can be placed in each corner of a room to ground and protect a space from negative outside energy. You can also use Cubes throughout meditation to help you reconnect with the powerful energy of Earth.
Needing something to help you focus? Get on point!
Points are one that are commonly worked with and beneficial to use. As the name suggests, a crystal point will assist to keep you sharp, and on point. The beauty of these are they are powerful for manifestation, helpful in manifesting your dreams, wishes and intentions.


With your point standing tall and upright, grab some paper and write down an affirmation, mantra or desire, fold it up and place it underneath your point. The point works to direct the energy from your written intention and sends it upwards into the cosmos and radiates it out into the environment.
Calming and good for focus, points are also great for the centre of a grid, and for meditation. While meditating with points, you can focus on its energy, shifting blockages or stagnant energy allowing you to feel re-energized. 
Tumble Stones
Tumbled stones are the perfect stepping stones to start your crystal journey, or expand on, because lets face it, you can never have too many, right? For the small cost that is associated with Tumbled Stones, these crystals really pack a punch with an abundance of benefits.
One of the most common cut and polished crystals out there, they are relatively small, with a smooth, shiny surface after they have been processed through a rock tumbler to achieve this finish.
Although they are smaller in size, don't let that fool you! The size and typically light weight makes these a great travel companion. You can easily add them into your pocket or purse, or tuck them inside your bra to help you connect with the energy all day long. When in your possession or by touching you directly can act as a reminder of your intention.
Slabs And Slices

A crystal slab or slice is simply a flat piece of crystal. Although they don't sound all that appealing, slabs and slices serve a wonderful purpose and shouldn't be missed in any collection. The shape itself is super easy to work with and makes a useful tool to work with throughout meditation.


Their flat shape is also great for home styling. A great example of this is for displaying beauty products, favourite jewellery pieces or even a candle.